This was a social media project that I initiated out of the possibility of Full Self Expression and Self- Acceptance.

The idea was to create a space where women could choose and accept their bodies exactly as they are, right now!  (not 6 months from now or after loosing/gaining or changing or modifying.. but right now… and as it is)

This was done through posting small articles, poems, one-liners, basically anything – on behalf of some body part that the participant was re-claiming. Participants had to choose some part that they’ve never liked/accepted/wanted and write about it – what it looks like, feels, wants, craves, etc.

Through this process they got in touch with that aspect of themselves that they hadn’t not chosen or accepted for years together – and at least for that moment were able to accept/choose it…. hopefully celebrate it as well….

Click here to view the blog!

An online contest took place around this initiative as well. (poster below)

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