Health Communication

I recently developed an interest in public health communication, specifically that of women and children in urban slums.

Below is a collection of IEC/BCC material that I developed for PUKAR, SNEHA and CEHAT across health verticals:

PUKAR: BCC material  for outreach efforts to educate the Kaula Bandar community on basic health issues. These handouts and posters emphasize communication of information through a pictorial format, given low literacy rates in the community.  Whenever possible, materials have been created in both Hindi and Tamil to reach all demographics in the community.

SNEHA: BCC material developed on maternal and newborn health, nutrition, violence against women and family planning

SNEHA: Maternal and Newborn Health Posters

SNEHA: Poster on Family Planning

SNEHA: Violence Against Women Posters

CEHAT: A visual representation of a survivor of sexual violence and the services she receives at a public health facility from the time of her entry to her discharge. This was created into a booklet for judges and Health Professionals  to easily understand the  operational steps in comprehensive health care responses to sexual assault. The material was used in an advocacy process, a Public Interest Litigation filed by CEHAT against the Indian Government.

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