Why do you weep?
timeless one.
you remember the myths,
can sing of creation,
and understand the cosmic dance
yet you weep over fallen leaves….

Be joyful!!!
for you are here to witness
not only death
but life as well

midwife, who sees death’s shadow lurking
do not fear
it comes for the mother
not infant
and it must be so
for transformation to occur

Do not grieve,
take heart
as you stand with the earth mother
on the bricks
with arms stretched and waiting

The mother will pass
so the infant might live

it is not for you to decide…

Go to Inanna and learn
so that when the time comes
your midwife’s kit will be filled with herbs
the drywool ready
the oils scented

It is you who will join other voices
singing Dinah’s ancient hymn
when labour pains begin…

If the midwife runs beyond
soul wrenching cries of pain
then who will sing the ancient hymn?
who will beg Earth Mother to push?
who will encourage, console, share the burden?

Lay the bricks budding midwife
roll up those sleeves
squat down besides the Mother
and sing from your depths!

you chose to come
so honour that choice
trust the strength of your own hands

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