Still Birth Dreams

What becomes of them?
Still Birth Dreams

Conceived in the Core
held in the centre
Nourished by juices
that one’s heart filters

Carried lovingly into term
well concealed behind stretched skin
revealed only by the curves of its boundaries

Growing bigger with time…
until enough pressure is built up within,
then the floodgates break open
and the entire body
inhales for the final push.

Every cell holds its breath,
turning inward on itself,
so as to build momentum
on the exhale…

And so it emerges…
covered in a sheath of blood,
the nest that held it
yet dead to the world.
Strangled by the very cord
that gave it life.
Curled around its neck,
fastened tight,
cutting off a fragile wind pipe
so that it may never
breathe air into deflated lungs .

Blue dreams in Red blood


Deflated lungs and a sealed wind pipe
strangled by the very cord
that gave it life.

The body returns
to her life birth cycle
building nests as the moon dictates
yet releasing them
in a set pattern.

Never again to create more?
Never again to conceive?
Never again to fill the nest
with a dream
nourished by one’s lifeforce
Never again….???

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